About Kigilife

Kigi means ‘every tree’ in Japanese and is also an acronym for Keep It Genuinely Inspired. This deep double meaning represents our company’s mission and message. We are devoted to creating genuine empowerment to all through our meaningful apparel, social responsibility, educational events, various media platforms, and even the simple things like having discussions with new friends at dinner.

Kigi is a Brooklyn based lifestyle brand we created to empower people to live life with purpose, meaning, self-expression and well-being. Kigi Life community is focused on authentic living and making a positive impact on the world through relationships and connection. Kigi Life is a reflection of our own conscious lifestyle… This is our story…


I met Marcus on-line when I was looking to hire a nanny for my two children but he was busy working on a music album and declined the job. After speaking on the phone and explaining my situation, Marcus was intrigued and agreed to meet up. There was a strong connection when we met in person and Marcus moved in a few days later to help me. I was going through a divorce, major family issues, unbalanced friendships, and basically living an unhealthy lifestyle.

After living with Marcus for a few weeks and observing his lifestyle, I began to realize I had spent most of my life living for other people and not for myself. Marcus lived so authentically with balance and self-awareness. I had never met anyone like him before and being in his presence led to my awakening. He encouraged me to look within myself for answers and to reclaim my personal power and live an authentic life.

Everything changed as I found the courage to follow my own passion and interests, ultimately leading me to internal happiness and overall well-being. As Marcus watched my transformation, he was inspired to help people on a larger scale, so we developed the Kigi Life concept. With Marcus’s diverse background in teaching, wellness, service and music, the idea organically evolved. I put my experience in business development to work and our journey began. Once we had the concept developed, we decided on t-shirts as our product because Marcus’ vision was to express the brand identity through meaningful and artistic designs while using powerful words as a description.

Being a hybrid company, the sale of each shirt is a way for us to fund our educational events, Kigi community and our give back program. Our meaningful t-shirts symbolize our lifestyle through the story and design associated with each shirt.